The Project

Theia and Project Green Blade
Project Green Blade will continue to see enhancements to the Theia system, increasing both capacity and capability:

Phase 1

An extended range trial (54nm+) with a 128-tile “Quadrant” (4-face) array at Aveillant’s existing test facility at Deenethorpe – Phase 1 is underway and due to conclude in Spring 2019

Phase 2

Product qualification in the presence of wind turbines out to 60nm and diverse aircraft activity, using a 768-tile 12-face array at a site overlooking the Greater Wash windfarms in the first instance – delivering evidence of product compliance (i.e. CAP 670 and DEFSTAN 972)

Phase 3

It’s just another radar project! Configuration of Theia to address surveillance requirements of aviation end user and its construction, safety casing and data integration with other aviation surveillance systems as required

Theia and Project Green Blade Project Development Steps

East Anglia THREE Theia Proposal
  • Sector coverage configured for EA3 and other East Anglia / Norfolk Zone windfarms
  • Standard modular construction
  • COTS components
Evolution of Theia Capability
  • Quadrant demonstration at Deenethorpe
  • Phase 1 range extension to 54nm
  • Phase 2 configuration to be tested against Greater Wash windfarms
  • Demonstrating scalability of Theia’s modular design
Product Specification
  • 60NM range, 1m2 target
  • Air Defence target specs?
  • EW requirements?
  • Communications & integration
  • MTBF, maintainability, environment

A structured Systems Engineering methodology providing early confidence to wind farm developers and government

  • User, Functional, Regulatory and Safety Requirements baseline
  • System Design Review in each phase
  • Verification evidence
  • Operational flight trials with quantitative and qualitative analysis and compliance assessment.

ICAO, MOD and CAA Certification evidence captured at Key Milestones

  • Certification at the core of the project plans
  • Certification evidence for core product accepted by CAA in existing operational safety cases
  • Standard industry recognised Certification process
  • Independently validated and verified certification evidence

Product Safety Assurance Pack key deliverable

  • Most demanding application used in Hazard Identification
  • Hazard identification uses CAA Risk Categorisation to produce Safety Requirements
  • Safety Requirement compliance evidence in product compliance and system compliance documentation
  • Readily supports formal Safety Case development by ANSPs ….just another radar product

Qualified Product to meet CAA and MOD future requirements

  • More flexible solution: Innovative requirements included to maximise flexibility
  • Qualified product with multiple configurations
  • Foundations for next generation surveillance

Qualification of System Integration – a flexible system solution

  • Anticipates how the product will be deployed by Customers
  • Integrates with existing surveillance processing and display systems
  • Minimises customer investment and integration risk
  • Provides options to improve existing radar facilities e.g. ADS-B labelled PSR targets

Open process visible to all stakeholders

  • Demonstration
  • Publish evaluation reports
  • Updates on PGB Website
  • Exhibitions
  • Papers