Project Green Blade has been pulled together by organisations with expertise in the sector. With both windfarm industry knowledge and aviation mitigation solutions, Project Green Blade has the essential ingredients to deliver a practical and cost effective solution to the challenges facing windfarm energy supply.

Take a look below to find out more information on the key project sponsors

Wind Farm Developer
and Operator

ScottishPower Renewables is part of the Iberdrola Group, a world leader in clean energy with an installed capacity of over 29,000 MW, and the leading wind energy producer worldwide.

ScottishPower Renewables is helping to drive the Iberdrola Group’s ambition of being the Utility of the Future and is at the forefront of the development of the renewables industry through pioneering ideas, forward thinking and outstanding innovation. Our ambitious growth plans include offshore windfarms in East Anglia with our team leading the Group’s international offshore development.

With over 40 operational windfarms, we manage all of our sites through our innovative and world leading Control Centre at Whitelee Windfarm.

Radar Technology

Thales knows radar!

No1 in Europe and No3 in the world for civilian and military surface radar.

Partner for the whole aviation/windfarm issue life cycle:

  • Impact assessments
  • Trials and analysis
  • Mitigation solutions
  • Through life support

Holographic Radar™

Radar technology has been with us for over seventy years, yet many of the fundamental elements of radar design have changed little over that time. The vast majority of radars are based on mechanical scanning – a rotating antenna which sends out a pulse of radio waves, receives the echo and so can calculate the range and direction of a target. This gives the classic “blip” on a radar screen every few seconds.

Aveillant’s Holographic Radar™ system differs fundamentally from both traditional mechanically scanned radars and from more advanced electronically scanned systems. Holographic Radar™ floodlights a volume of interest on transmit, and forms multiple simultaneous receive beams that fill the illuminated volume.

Aviation Technology

Specialist CNS/ATM consultants with ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. Proven track record of providing innovative solutions to otherwise intractable Operational and Engineering problems.

A solution developed by Cyrrus is the Aerium which can take in multiple data streams, integrate them and output seamless data to displays in a selected format.  The Aerium is to be used as the data integrator for the Theia in Phase 2 of Project Green Blade.